TikTok Shuts Down Creator Fund, Introduces Creativity Program Monetisation

TikTok is shutting down its $1 billion creator fund monetisation program in favour of a refreshed model that the social media giant says will pay out up to 20 times more than the old creator fund.

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TikTok tidal wave eyes new e-commerce landfall

Social media platform TikTok has come a long way in recent years, transforming from the internet’s go-to source of awkwardly choreographed dance videos to the homepage of the internet for many of the world’s population.

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Ticket to Success: Lessons from the News Renaissance

There was once a belief held in respect to media and journalism that ‘traditional’ news was a doomed product and that ‘nobody would ever pay for digital news subscriptions’, with the increasing advancements in technology and an ageing population widely considered as a type of death knell for the future of news ever-looming on the horizon.

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TikTok, Social Commerce, Brand Collective: Q&A with Matthew Iozzi

Social commerce has taken to new heights in recent years and it shows no signs of slowing down. We sat down with Matthew Iozzi, the Head of Marketing of Superdry ANZ and Group PR Manager at Superdry, Elwood, Mossimo and Volley, to chat about the changes in consumer perceptions of social commerce, his inspiration and retailers that are killing the game. 

Cya Millennials, It’s All About Gen Z

It's time to say goodbye to Millennials as the Next Gen Shopper - say hello to Gen Z. This new type of digitally-native shopper may have many similar qualities to its predecessor, but there are some major differences that retailers need to identify if they wish to connect with them.

S-Commerce and the ‘Storeless’ Future | Q&A with

Social commerce has exploded in popularity over the last six months, with retailers using the social space to appeal to a new audience and take advantage of the online retail boom. We spoke to Kevin Huang, the Vice President APAC at, to examine the changing consumer behaviour, responses to s-commerce and how it will impact retailers in an uncertain future.

Four Ways to Get the Most Out of TikTok Advertising

If you've scrolled any platform online in the last six months, you'll understand the power of social media and the influence it has over the next generation of shoppers. Power Retail spoke to a wide range of e-commerce and social media experts to create an engaging and successful TikTok campaign. 

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