Tony Nash

STOCK WATCH: Booktopia Directors Resign, Koala Assess Market Entry

Booktopia independent non-executive directors to step aside after the company fails to resolve conflict with Nash. Is a smooth transition possible?

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STOCK WATCH: Battle of the Full Year Results, Booktopia Beats Adore, Cettire Tanks

Earnings season is keeping us on our toes. The market initally responded well to Booktopia's FY22 results, but will it last? (Spoiler: No.)

STOCK WATCH: ‘We were wrong’, Shares Tumble

Drama on set as Nash calls for an extraordinary general meeting, Kogan admits to mistakes and ASX e-com performance takes a swift turn.

STOCK WATCH: BikeExchange Performance Raises Questions

The high volume of BikeExchange securities traded triggered some questions from ASX compliance. Were the answers enough to satisfy?

STOCK WATCH: CEO’s Shock Exit, Booktopia Plummets, Kogan Dives

The ASX was rocked by news that CEO Tony Nash will be stepping aside, but was the writing on the wall? And who will be next?

EXCLUSIVE: Why Tony Nash is Departing as Booktopia CEO

On Monday, Tony Nash announced his shock departure as CEO of Booktopia. We spoke to the Booktopia Co-Founder about the thought process behind the departure, and what's next for Nash.

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STOCK WATCH: E-Com Index Struggles, Adore Best Performer

With shares losing value for the majority of the E-Com Index, is the post-lockdown landscape taking its toll? Or are we set for a rebound?

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