Talking Point: Inside Maison de Sabré’s Plans for World Domination

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Personalisation, adaptability and excellent customer experience are some fo the core fundamentals of running a successful e-commerce platform. Maison de Sabré does this in spades. We sat down with CEO and COO of Maison de Sabré, Omar and Zane Sabré, to discuss its brand growth of 65 percent and the future of e-commerce.

Australian retailers are doing it tough. Do you think this crisis will encourage consumers to shop locally even after the pandemic has passed?

Omar Sabré: Consumers are certainly becoming more aware of the brands they are choosing to shop with. Shopping locally will definitely be a focus for some, though we believe shopping with brands consumers trust will really be key. Brands with strong connections to their customers will be the ones that thrive in the post-pandemic landscape.

Retail has dramatically changed in these uncertain times. As the industry adapts and changes, what have you learned along the way?

Zane Sabré: Retail is constantly changing, and you have to be prepared to adapt with it. We have learnt to be flexible and fast moving when there are changes in the retail space. We are lucky that as an e-commerce brand, we can quickly adapt to customer demands. To do this effectively though, means you have to be listening to what they need from you.

Many retailers, especially in Victoria, are pivoting to online as stores close for the next six weeks. Do you expect more retailers to stick to e-commerce after the restrictions have lifted?

Zane Sabré: Yes, we believe online retail will be the greatest tool brands use in these times. So many brands have had to pivot and quickly develop an online space. We know how tough it can be creating a polished and seamless online platform, so we are impressed at how brands have adapted so quickly. Following restrictions, brands will certainly maintain their online presence. Being an e-commerce store allows you to connect with customers around the world, so it is a great tool to have.

Retail has certainly changed in these uncertain times. How has your company dealt with the crisis, and have you learned anything along the way?

Omar Sabré: It certainly has. In such an unsteady environment, it’s never been more important to think quickly and remember exactly what it is that we’re doing, and why we’re doing it. During times like this, brands need to make sure that their values are aligned with those of their customers. Being socially focused and creating an experience that demonstrates a clear commitment to helping our community live better lives is imperative right now. The #MakeYourMark movement is what we as a brand want to encourage our community to do. We want to encourage people to embrace their individualism and their identity and make their mark on the world.

Do you think that the current online boom will continue after the pandemic has passed? Why/why not?

Omar Sabré: Absolutely. Online retail is such a great space to be in because you are able to immediately connect with your customers. You can engage directly with them to understand their needs and can work quickly to make this happen.

What do you believe are the biggest challenges for Australian e-commerce businesses right now, and what could be done to address these? What are the biggest opportunities?

Zane Sabré: Businesses right now need to make sure that their brand values align with customer values. In times like these, people want to invest in brands that represent a similar ethos to their own so making sure that your brand has meaning behind it is really important.

In recent months, Australian retailers have become more popular as borders close and supply chains become strained. Have you noticed any changes in your customer behaviour since the lockdown began?

Omar Sabré: We have been very fortunate in recent months to see a growth in sales by 65 percent. Customers are looking for items that they can use and enjoy while at home and our product range aligns with this.

Are there any exciting development coming our way from your brand?

Omar Sabré: We are always working on new products and ranges and are excited to share some more details in the coming months. We are meticulous with our design process and work to make sure this is perfect before entering production. Keep your eyes out for our new products soon!

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