Target, Coles, eBay All Part of New ‘Shake ‘N’ Shop’ Mobile Game

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Flybuys is the latest loyalty program to jump on the gamification bandwagon, with the launch of its ‘Shake ‘N’ Shop’ in-app game.

Australian shoppers have a new way to collect and redeem flybuys points both online and in-store, with its new mobile game giving consumers the chance to win bonus point offers from brands like Coles, eBay, Target and Liquorland.

Users can “catch” deals as they “fall from the sky” in a virtual trolley that moves as shoppers shake their hand. According to flybuys, there are more than 50 offers up for grabs, including offers from Coles’ core ranges, such as pet food and fresh produce, as well as 10x points on eBay purchases.

The CEO of flybuys, John Merakovsky says the gamified version of its digital loyalty program will make redeeming points more enjoyable for shoppers across a number of cross-channel brands.

The mobile game is available through the flybuys’ app for a limited time.

“The app is a fantastic tool to ensure members never miss out on a flybuys offer,” he said in a statement on Wednesday. “We have a large network of big brand partners who constantly provide new and innovative ways for our members to earn and redeem their points.”

Users will reportedly be able to claim one offer per day, activating it via the ‘Offers’ tab in the flybuys app, but can play as many as three times per day. The mobile game is only available until Sunday, March 17, on both Android and iOS devices.

Using Loyalty Programs to Drive Revenue

With talk about personalisation and customer experience dominating the online and offline sector, Forrester Consulting believes retailers that offer personalised loyalty experiences are more likely to engage customers over a longer period of time, inspiring repeat purchases.

In a recent study looking at customer loyalty within the APAC region, the consulting firm found that Australian businesses are leading the way when it comes to driving engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.

Australia reportedly has the highest percentage of businesses that actively aim to personalise their promotional offers (41 percent). Local companies are also coming out in front for their efforts in tracking and analysing the interactions between their customers and their brands/products with the goal of improving the overall shopping experience. In Australia, 74 percent of businesses are doing this and improving their level of customer loyalty with personalised and relevant content.

Myer is an example of a national business using its loyalty program alongside its digital infrastructure and data capabilities to create a secondary revenue stream.

In March last year, it was revealed that Myer was separating the Myer One loyalty program and Myer Online as two distinct business units, under the review of Mark Cripsey, Myer’s chief operating officer. Since announcing this change to the department store’s business structure, Myer has reported better synergy between different branches of the business, as well as improved performance by its loyalty and e-commerce service offerings.

Gamification is another technique being employed across the board in the retail sector, with brands like Catch looking to make shopping online more “interactive”.

In September 2018, Catch took its online shopping experience to the next level with the introduction of CatchLIVE – an interactive, live-streamed show hosted by Quizmania’s Brodie Young.

When the business announced the game show, Young said the program would be “high-energy”, combining “quick-paced games with exclusive deals”. According to the General Manager of CatchLIVE, Ayelet (Lulu)  Weissman, the live-streamed show is unlike anything else in retail.

“We combine gamification with live streaming and amazing prizes,” she told Power Retail. “Start with must-have products at must-buy prices. Add trivia and other games where you can score even better deals. Mix in a vibrant live-chat community. Wrap it all in a high-energy video stream where anything can happen – there’s something happening every day at,” she explains.

This has reportedly led to 12,000 consumers tuning into each episode, with the average viewer spending longer on and returning to the site more often than the typical customer. “CatchLIVE is designed to deepen customer engagement on the siteto attract our loyal fans and to create new ones,” Weissman says. “Our audience is more engaged than usual online retail consumers, they stay on the site for extended periods of time and visit more often.”

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