iPad Mini Arriving in Time for Christmas

With a strong holiday sales period and the rise of tablet shopping just around the corner, pundits say Apple will be looking to capitalise with its newest device.

The rumours that Apple will be releasing a smaller version of its popular iPad tablet device have been growing in strength over the past year. Now, word has it that the iPad Mini will be officially announced in the next few weeks – just in time for Christmas.

Fortune reported the rumour at the beginning of this week, stating that they “have no reason to believe [it] except it comes from a major Apple investor…”

This source – who remains unnamed – claims to have gleaned information from multiple people at Apple, which indicates an impending unveiling on October 17. Press invites, he said, will be going out to the media on October 10.

The long-awaited iPad Mini is among the more controversial concepts to be attributed to Apple’s product line, as Steve Jobs famously said that Apple would never make such a device. It is believed to have a 7.85 inch screen, but otherwise carrying the same functionality as a full-sized iPad.

Of course, Apple are yet to make an official statement on the matter, but it may not be long before they do if this particular rumour holds true.

Steve Jobs said Apple would never make an iPad Mini.

Steve Jobs said Apple would never make an iPad Mini.

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