THE DROP: Amazon’s New Way to Shop

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Living in a digital age, trends move faster than the speed of light. Amazon has released a way to complement this rapid industry with its latest project: The Drop.

Amazon is no stranger to innovative launches, and its latest venture proves to be no exception. The US powerhouse has announced its latest shopping experience: The Drop.

Available for only 30 hours via the Amazon App or mobile browser, influencers are able to turn their style into designed collections that capture and reflect the latest street style trends globally.

In efforts to reduce waste, The Drop will be made on demand and is set to deliver fashion assortments for customers. This fashion venture also enables influencers to engage further with their followers. There has been a surge of influencers hitting the scene in the past few years, and with an overwhelming amount of social-media-savvy stars available, it appeared that the bubble was set to burst. Amazon’s project aims to restore the power that influencers hold in the fashion industry and online.

The first limited edition collection has been exclusively designed by social media influencer, Paola Alberdi, who has more than one million followers on Instagram. The Drop’s first launch includes blouses, dresses and other apparel. The line will only be able to purchase via the Amazon App.

“I am beyond grateful to Amazon for entrusting me to be the first influencer to launch The Drop, their innovative new shopping experience. I have worked hard for many years to create a brand that is true to myself and did the same with this collection,” said Alberdi. Other designers that are being thrown into the mix of The Drop include Emi Suzuki, Sierra Furtado, Leonie Hanne and Patricia Bright.

Alongside The Drop’s collections, Amazon is also offering Staples by The Drop, which includes wardrobe basics that are designed to complement the influencers’ designs. These are not limited edition, so they can be purchased any time on the Amazon App.

Trends come and go within weeks, and new styles are released across the globe every day. Although many consumers voice their concerns with the ethical and environmental impact that fast fashion brings to the table, Amazon’s venture aims to complement the rapid fashion industry without adding to the harmful waste. The Drop is now available across 100 countries, and each collection is only available for 30 hours.

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