The Four Habits that Aussie Online Shoppers Have

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Everyone is unique, but when it comes to shopping, research reveals that there are four distinct shopping habits that people fall into.

In a new survey conducted by CouriersPlease, 1000 Australians were asked about how much they spend online compared to in-store purchases and whether they prefer to purchase cheaper products online.

Further questions included whether consumers feel as if they have more control over their purchases online and if they spend more time researching a product if they’re planning to shop online.

The results show that four out of five shoppers tend to purchase items under $100 online. Those who prefer to shop using e-commerce platforms tend to purchase lower-priced items to those who shop in store. “It is interesting that people have developed habits that are specific to online shopping, and are very distinct to their in-store shopping behaviours,” said CouriersPlease’s spokesperson, Jessica Ip.

83 per cent of shoppers do not spend more than $100 per item when they shop online, said the survey. With this in mind, one in three shoppers will buy more when they’re shopping online. Younger shoppers are also found to purchase a lot more online compared to older shoppers, the study found. “The data reveals that traditional and online shopping have their place, with online shopping seemingly more popular when purchasing lower-cost products and multiple items in the one transaction, while the in-store shopping experience is still reserved for more premium, high-cost items,” Ip explained.

It’s no surprise that younger shoppers have markedly different habits compared to older generations. The findings state that the younger the age group, the more likely they are to make a purchase online and put more items in their basket. With other research backing up these statistics, it appears that younger Millennials and Gen Z have created a metamorphosis for e-commerce.

Two in three shoppers tend to do more research prior to purchasing an item online than they do when shopping in-store, said the research. This research includes examining product reviews, both in social media comments, videos and forums. According to this research 67 per cent of shoppers rely on these reviews before they commit to buying online. Once again, this was more common amongst younger shoppers, with 75 per cent of 18-29 year olds compared to 60 per cent of 50-59 year olds.

The reviews that are the most commonly sought out by these shoppers include quality control, the overall satisfaction of customer service, sizing and the ‘Online vs. Reality’ factor.

Price comparisons play a large role for shopping behaviour, said the research. “When shoppers browse for an item, 63 per cent spend more time comparing prices on the same item across a range of retailer than they do in-store,” explained the study. This is likely due to the internet presenting so many stores in one place, making it incredibly convenient for online shoppers to compare prices in the one shopping journey.

So, what does this mean for e-commerce brands? “These habits of shoppers are particularly important for retailers who want to stay ahead of the industry and seek to tailor their services and offerings to shopping behaviours. At CouriersPlease, we aim to cater to the demands of Aussies by offering a range of flexible delivery options, as we understand that shoppers aren’t always home to receive their deliveries,” said Ip.

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