The Key to a Successful Shopping Season

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For shoppers, the holiday season is one of the most anticipated times of the year. For retailers, it’s the busiest and most competitive period.

Over the past two years, the season has changed dramatically, both in terms of what consumers want and need, but also how they are shopping.

Many Australians have not been able to visit a store in months, and this has had a huge impact on their shopping behaviours. Marketers have had to re-think and re-think again what shoppers are really looking for in a brand and, as a result, agility is more important than ever this festive season. Shoppers have had to change the way they normally shop due to shutdowns and restrictions, meaning a huge focus has shifted to online. 

As a consequence, shipping and fulfilment delays have become more common. Brands must now work extra hard to create a holiday shopping experience that encourages spending – whether in-store or online or using click-and-collect and curbside pickups. Thankfully, there are many things retailers can do to optimise the customer journey, including:

+ Clearly communicate delivery deadlines. 

ShipStation research has shown that 86 percent of consumers want to see expected delivery timelines before they make a purchase, and will shift to retailers who can offer them greater delivery certainty.

+ Utilise promotions. ​​

From a study by Deloitte, 81 percent of holiday season sales are influenced by promotional deals. 

+ Analyse trends. 

You can leverage your CRM system and the data available to uncover opportunities and activate shoppers before the shopping season. 

You want shoppers to convert and return again and again, which is why Klarna has teamed up with ShipStation, Alinga, Klaviyo, and Convert Digital for their best insights and tips on how retailers can make the most of this shopping season.

Download the full white paper from Klarna.

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