The Major Lessons Learned at Retail Global’s Melbourne Roadshow

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While the Retail Global annual Gold Coast event was cut short earlier in the year, it didn't stop the team from delivering a series of roadshows across three capital cities. Here are some of the biggest lesson we took away from the Melbourne Roadshow. 

Shane Delia’s Tips for Success:

Shane Delia, a renowned chef and Founder of Providoor, reported massive growth during the lockdown period in Melbourne in 2020. From a simple idea became one of the country’s biggest success stories. Providoor is an online marketplace that offers some of the best restaurants in Melbourne, delivered to your door.

When COVID hit, Delia told Jason Wyatt, the Executive Chairman of Marketplacer, that he was “f*cked”. With 110 members of staff and no idea what to do next, he and Jason Wyatt developed the next best thing: delivering food to consumers directly. After months of success, and more than Delia gave the audience some tips for success, based on his experience working in the online landscape.

  1. Live in the moment, be present

  2. Innovate

  3. Look after your mates

Sustainable Retailing Isn’t a Fad or Phase

It’s no secret that consumers in Australia want to take care of the planet they live on, and that sentiment was certainly backed up by Sandra Capponi, the Co-Founder of Good On You. According to Capponi, a whopping 50 percent of Australian consumers want to make more sustainable choices.

Marketplaces are the Future – If You Do Your Homework

Next in the line was a panel featuring Nathan Archie, the Country Manager ANZ of Payoneer, Nimrod Ganon, the Co-Founder & Head of Operations of KG Electronic and Shaun O’Brien, Founder of Selby Acoustics. For Ganon, there are three core elements that retailers and business must remember before they start selling on an international marketplace platform:

1. Do your homework first
2. Get the shipping rates right
3. Check international rules & regulations – every country has its own laws

What about customer care? If a shopper regularly runs into a problem with a certain product or feature on the website, it’s best to start a dialogue rather than just hand out a refund, as Shaun O’Brien said. “When you’re a customer service oriented business, sometimes a refund isn’t the best customer service,” he explained. “Encourage a dialogue with the customer.”

Ganon agreed with the advice. “You don’t need to offer a refund just because ‘something went wrong’,” he said. “Try and resolve it. This can actually increase satisfaction rates.”

“The Future is Online; The Future is Social; The Future is Social Commerce”

Gabby Leibovich, the Co-Founder of Catch and many other business ventures shade nuggets of wisdom to the crowd at the Retail Global Melbourne Roadshow. “E-commerce is not a ‘winner takes all’ industry,” he began.


An overarching theme throughout the day was the importance of social commerce, and joining forces between physical and digital retail. “The future is online; the future is social; the future is social commerce,” he told the audience. Leibovich wasn’t the only one with this vision of the future for retail. For Rollie Founder, Vince Lebon, the future of retail is all about purpose-driven retail and social commerce.

Is There a Perfect Formula for Customer Experience?

According to Alita Harvey-Rodriguez, Founder and Managing Director of MI Academy, there absolutely is. “Customer service is NOT the same as Customer Experience,” she told the crowd. To help retailers understand how to keep their customer happy in the long term, Alita listed down the four crucial elements of formulating the perfect customer experience:

  1. Acquire

  2. Nurture

  3. Convert

  4. Retain

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