The Power of Product Pages and Digital Development

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In the fourth and final guide in Power Retail's exclusive Website Excellence Series, Greg Randall explains the best practices for curating an outstanding website for any online retailer.

When it comes to presenting products on your company’s website, there are a few guidelines that you should follow. In the fourth and final guide from veteran digital strategist, Greg Randall provides deep insights and extensive wisdom of product pages.

The must-read handbook delves deep into the world of product details, and is essential for any online retailer. From cart abandonment to customer loyalty, this guide effortlessly ties the rest of the Website Excellence Series together.

The bundle provides advice and makes an online retailer ready to tackle the online retail field with confidence and in-depth knowledge. “This four-book series defines precisely what that needs to look like for your digital channel. Though the best practice treatment of your digital/e-commerce channel will be influenced by business strategy and customer data, best practice is the glue which binds everything together,” Randall explained.

Some key features that product pages should offer include the following four basics, the product, the brand, the copy and the design. “This analysis proved when consumer research verifies a successful treatment to certain parts of e-commerce pages, these retailers made the changes. This is best practice. This tells us, the driving force behind your digital evolution begins with setting the best practice foundation,” said Randall.

The full series includes other exclusive insights into the curation of Sub-Categories, Main Categories and the Home Page. These guides, together, will help online retailers understand the importance of website excellence and push a website to its fullest potential.

“The retailer who follows the guidance in this book series will be ahead of 99 per cent of the retailers globally.  This is because the foundation of all recommendations have come from research and science behind how consumers want to engage with every page element and page layout analysed in these four books,” Randall explained.

Greg Randall’s final guide, Product Detail Best Practice is available for purchase and download on Friday 21st June, exclusively on Power Retail. Get your hands on the full Website Excellence Series bundle for deep and meaningful insights on the importance of a well-oiled website.

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