The Rise of Delivery Choices – What consumers want and how to exceed their expectations

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HUBBED compiles three valuable insights on consumer preferences and expectations on their post purchase parcel delivery experience from its recent report, The Rise of Delivery Choices.

In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, understanding and adapting to consumer preferences is the key to success. Staying ahead of the curve means a competitive advantage for retailers. This recent report from HUBBED in collaboration with Power Retail, provides valuable insights on consumer preferences and expectations on their post purchase parcel delivery experience. 

Consumers are seeking more convenience

One of the key insights showed that 69 percent of shoppers cite convenience as the main reason they want to collect parcels from a location convenient to them and at a time that suits their lifestyles. 

Overall, 73 percent of shoppers said that they want to collect parcels from a location near their home – this has increased by 8 percent year on year. 

After hours collection received a significant 54 percent preference with shoppers indicating that they prefer collecting parcels after weekday work and 19 percent saying that weekends are best. 

Retailers can take this cue to offer flexible delivery and Out of Home (OOH) arrangements outside standard office hours, to better cater to their customer’s convenience. 

Security Concerns are on the rise

70 percent of consumers worry about stolen parcels when they are not home to receive them – 7 percent more than in 2022 and 9 percent over 2021.

Parcel theft is clearly a growing concern with shoppers. The survey showed that 54 percent of shoppers say that this fear influences where they choose to have their parcels delivered.

The concern is valid with just under half (48 percent) of shoppers surveyed saying that they had a safe place for their parcels to be delivered or left unattended. 

Retailers would greatly benefit from offering secure delivery options such as Pick up drop off (PUDO a subset of OOH) so that they can improve on their consumer’s confidence and trust around receiving their parcels.

Consumers are becoming more aware of the positive environmental impact of OOH) services 

Consumers are also becoming more aware of the environmental benefits of choosing out of home services as a delivery option.

57 percent of shoppers now know that PUDO is a more sustainable choice than home delivery – a significant 15 percent leap over last year.

54 percent agree that collection points reduce overall parcel delivery CO2 emissions. Nearly half (45 percent) of shoppers would like to help reduce CO2 emissions by having their deliveries sent to OOH locations. 

Furthermore, 59 percent of shoppers indicated that they could or always be influenced to buy from an online retailer that offered delivery options with lower carbon emissions. 

The survey results clearly indicate that there is a growing awareness and appetite for more sustainable delivery options. If retailers can offer greener delivery options with little to no additional cost to the consumer, this can help bridge the gap between consumer preferences and retail offerings and further help build long-term customer loyalty.

These key insights from the report gives reason for retailers to strive to align their offerings with the evolving expectations and values of their consumers. It’s evident that convenience, security, and sustainability are some of the key topics in the current e-commerce landscape and potentially a differentiating factor for retailers.

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