This Pureplay Retailer is the Bigger than Amazon, Inditex and H&M

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Chinese pureplay fast fashion retailer, Shein, has become the leading shopping app on both Android and iOS. 

Since October 2020, Shein has been labelled as the world’s largest pureplay retailer, pushing past the likes of Amazon, Inditex and H&M.

Currently, the app has more than 17.52 million downloads on both Android and iOS. In comparison, Amazon has amounted to approximately 7.64 million downloads.

Shein has been around for some time, first launching as SheInside in 2008 as a wedding dress business. In 2015, it pivoted into general womenswear and rebranded to Shein.

Adapting a fast fashion model, it has copped some heat for its ethics, privacy, and copying independent designer’s pieces. In June 2020, it was banned in India due to privacy concerns. Despite these controversies, it remains the leader in fast fashion across the globe, particularly in the US, Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

Its data-driven business model relies on the in-house algorithm that tracks and mines the web for the trendiest items of the moment. From there, this data is given to their design team, creating new pieces in near real-time, which are uploaded onto the site daily. In fact, as many as 500 products are dropped on the site daily.

In terms of fast fashion, the speed of product launch is almost unheard of – competitors like Zara and Boohoo will add this figure of new products to their catalogue every week.

via L'Officiel Arabia

via L’Officiel Arabia

What makes the Shein app so special?

It’s all about UX, engagement and retention, said Rex Pascual, Editor at OnlineCasinoMaxi. “Innovations such as gamification techniques that reward users for each time they log in to the app ensures a loyal and active user base.

“Shein also has an effective ability to mix media and entertainment into the shopping experience, with events such as virtual fashion shows and live streams keeping existing users engaged with the app, while at the same time attracting untapped customers.”

Further, Shein relies on social platforms like Instagram and TikTok to regulate and generate new users, better understand trends and seek out influential designers. Every month, the retailer generates more than 6,600 mentions on TikTok – this is 600 percent growth YoY. On Instagram, there were over 27,000 mentions of Shein from English speakers.

In June, the retailer denied reports of an upcoming IPO, despite its 2020 revenue edging in close to $10 billion.

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