“A Fabulous Opportunity”, Three of Something on Selling Via Amazon

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We sit down with Sydney-based fashion label, Three of Something, to learn more about the company and what it’s really like selling on Amazon as a small business.

Situated in the heart of Sydney’s eastern beach suburbs, Three of Something draws inspiration from its beautiful locale and eye-catching destinations from around the globe, to create an effortlessly stylish range of women’s clothing.

The company has only been selling on Amazon since August, but has already benefitted from the exposure the global marketplace has provided. Three of Something’s Creative Director, Jane Kidston says that as a young and emerging label, Amazon has presented the brand with “a fabulous opportunity to grow and thrive within the huge online retail realm”.

Three of something

Three of Something is in the running to win a $75K marketing prize from Amazon.

Most recently, this has come from being chosen as one of only 150 local brands to feature on Amazon Australia’s new fashion shop front. In addition to this, Three of Something has also been nominated, along with 15 other up-and-coming designers, for the ‘Amazon Fashion 2018 Local Brand Award’, which was announced on Tuesday.

“This is a great opportunity for us and other Australian brands to gain exposure through a world-leading online retailer,” says Kidston. “I think it’s important for major retailers like Amazon to encourage and support emerging labels within the fashion industry, and Three of Something is a strong player in this sector with amazing potential to inspire customers and young designers with beautiful collections and a recognisable brand identity.”

Kidston attributes Three of Something’s success on Amazon to the brand’s efforts to customise its product offerings to shoppers on the marketplace. “Our Amazon shop front doesn’t integrate with Amazon buyers purchase styles from our indent ranges, and we specifically tailor our collections for the Amazon shopper.”

Three of Something’s creative director talks all things Amazon.

She also believes that flexibility and the willingness to adapt is essential in the fast-moving retail industry, and having a strong marketplace presence plays an important part in this.

“E-commerce is growing so rapidly and we’re excited about the possibilities the future holds… We are a young brand and we are able to adapt and be flexible in this ever-changing environment.

“We like to stay on top of new and emerging integrations within our online store, analysing and adapting our shipping policies to accommodate our Australian and international customers, while also optimising our mobile checkout to keep up with the growing mobile browsing rate.”

Since Amazon announced its new local fashion shop front and award, Kidston says the company has had a great week with online sales and would love to win the $75,000 grand marketing prize to further promote the business across multiple consumer touch points.

“I think we would look at current strategies that are successful such as social media marketing, EDM’s, search terms etc. However, with such a huge budget, I think we would get super creative and think outside the box to inspire customers and keep everyone on their toes!

“We would love to explore some creative marketing initiatives, competitions and think of new ways to engage and add value to our Three of Something community.”

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