Tim Mackinnon Named CEO of Providoor, eBay Welcomes New MD

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eBay Australia has a new Vice President and Managing Director - David Ramadge, as Former Chief and one-time CMO, Tim Mackinnon, becomes the CEO of Providoor.

Ramadge has been working for eBay for several years, rejoining the company in 2017 as Senior Director of Product and Shipping. This comes after nearly ten years of experience in Silicon Valley. He also spent five years working with eBay’s product and technology team.

“Dave’s leadership style is authentic, down to earth, positive and he puts his people first. With his relationships across our global organisation, focus on creating great experiences and talent for motivating teams, he is the right leader to lead the business through the next phase of the strategy,” shared Joo Man Park, the Senior VP of eBay Asia Pacific.

“Dave has been on the Australian leadership team for four years and has unparalleled knowledge and passion for eBay having led Product, eBay Plus, Shipping, Payments, Trust, Consumer Selling and Luxury Verticals,” he said.

Ramadge will be tasked with taking eBay Australia to the ‘next level’, the statement read. “eBay in Australia has a long and special history. I am humbled and excited to lead our marketplace in its next phase,” Ramadge shared. “To our 40,000 business sellers, countless consumer sellers and millions of regular buyers I can say we will be working tirelessly to keep growing your business and improving your experience on eBay.”

Former Managing Director, Tim Mackinnon, is stepping down from his role, which he started in 2017. After a ten-year stint at eBay, he will be starting a new role as CEO of Providoor. Providoor is an online restaurant marketplace, established in 2020 by chef Shane Delia.

In a LinkedIn post, Mackinnon confirmed the news. “I’m feeling “nervcited” (to use my kids’ term) as I am leaving eBay becoming the CEO of Providoor a marketplace for enjoying Australia’s best restaurants at home,” he shared.

Explaining his love for marketplaces, Mackinnon expressed his excitement for the next phase of the business. ” Shane Delia created Providoor during lockdown to give people access to great food and to help restaurants expand their venue into people’s homes. In recent weeks as lockdown has ended, thousands of people are reuniting with friends and family and using Providoor to entertain in their home,” he shared.

“I’ve been advising Providoor this year and feel grateful Shane has entrusted me to work with him and his amazing team to build Providoor as a global brand & habit. I feel as daunted as I did over four years when I was asked to lead eBay and make sure it remained the market leader. But I know it’s going to be exciting too.”

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