“Times are Changing” Why IKEA is Scrapping its Catalogue

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IKEA is making a huge change next year. After 70 years, the Swedish retailer is axing its iconic catalogue, which was first published in 1951, and will amplify and enhance its digital offerings as e-commerce continues to flourish.

As Australians and worldwide shoppers embrace the adoption of online retail, IKEA is taking its digital investments to the next level.

“Turning the page with our beloved catalogue is emotional but rational,” said Konrad Gruss, the MD at Inter IKEA Systems. “For both customers and co-workers, the Ikea Catalogue is a publication that brings a lot of emotions, memories and joy. For 70 years it has been one of our most unique and iconic products.”

via IKEA

via IKEA

IKEA’s online sales increased by 45 percent last year, with its global website hitting more than four billion visits.

“The IKEA Catalogue has a phenomenal 70-year legacy. Over the years it has become an iconic and beloved publication, and it has been an important success factor for IKEA to reach and inspire the many people across the world with home furnishing solutions and products,” the Swedish retailer explained.

“But times are changing. IKEA has become more digital and accessible while embracing new ways to connect with more people. Customer behavior and media consumption have changed, and fewer people read the IKEA Catalogue today than in years past.”

For IKEA, this was the obvious next step. In the last eight months, the retailer has upgraded its retailer app offering and has pushed its Click & Collect services as a result of the pandemic. Its app services have become more accessible for consumers to purchase pieces digitally, without having to enter a store.

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Throughout the year, online sales have skyrocketed, alongside the increased interest in renovations and home improvement. In a study from The Blue Space, one in four (27 percent) Australian shoppers said the pandemic was a factor to consider them redecorating or renovating their spaces.

As IKEA shifts itself to a more digital landscape, it is saying goodbye to its traditional platforms. So, is this the end of the IEKA catalogue in its entirety? Not exactly.

While the digital transformation of IKEA has shaken its classic forms of media and promotion, it won’t be that easy to say goodbye to its catalogues. In Autumn 2021, IKEA will launch its final book, available for customers in-store. After that, IKEA will close the page on one of its most iconic chapters.

Is this the end of catalogues as we know it? Share your thoughts below.

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