Top Mother’s Day Shipping Tips for Australian Small and Medium Businesses

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In this guest post, Peter Langley, Vice President, FedEx Express Australasia gives his tips for SMEs to manage and make the most of the Mothers Day rush.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, Australian retailers, e-tailers and SMEs are looking for ways to enhance the shopping experience for customers. A large part of this comes down to ensuring the shipping process is fast and efficient, simple to understand, and reliable for anyone opting to shop online.

Even in a cost-conscious time, Australians are set to spend a staggering $995 million on Mother’s Day this year—a notable increase of $70 million, marking a robust 7.5% rise from the expenditures recorded in 2023. In 20231, the average amount allocated per person for Mother’s Day gifts stood at $92. Fast forward to the present, and this figure is expected to surge to $102—an impressive $10 increment.

Amidst shifting consumer behaviours influenced by economic pressures and changing spending patterns, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), have an opportunity to capitalize on these spending trends to tap into the Mother’s Day fervour. By understanding and aligning with consumer preferences, businesses can position themselves for success in capturing a slice of the burgeoning Mother’s Day market. 

Here are some top shipping tips to ensure a seamless Mother’s Day for your business and customers:

  • Plan Ahead: Start prepping early leading up to the Mother’s Day peak as far in advance as possible. Key things SMEs should be doing to prepare for the peak gift-giving period include, keeping sales forecasts up to date, checking on supply chains, making the order fulfilment process as efficient as possible and tracking inventory.

  • Incentivise early shopping: Consider using promotions, such as free or reduced shipping to motivate customers to order from you before the rush. If you choose to offer free shipping, consider a longer delivery time. That translates to more cost-effective processing and shipping.

  • Manage customer expectations: In the digital age, the customer shopping experience starts with the click of a button from the comfort of their homes and ends with the hassle-free arrival of their package. The delivery experience has become an essential part of the overall e-commerce shopping experience for customers. Hence, it is imperative that you keep your customers informed and updated every step of the way.

The good news is that today there are multiple shipping options available for businesses to adopt to manage and meet customers’ delivery expectations, such as same-day and next-day delivery. To match customer expectations, businesses must partner with a reliable shipping and logistics provider to ensure the shipments are delivered to their destinations on time.

Designate a Mother’s Day “order by” shipping deadline that you feel confident you can meet. Use your promotion schedule and order projections to guide you. Offer flexible shipping solutions like FedEx Delivery Manager (FDM) to empower customers to customise their delivery options.

  • Monitor your volumes closely: Stay organised and closely track the influx of orders, consumers’ response to promotions, available inventory, and fulfilment processes versus the demand. Continuous monitoring ensures that businesses can adapt to changing demands effectively and avoid stockouts.
  • Over communicate order status: Provide customers with more information about their order status updates to reduce customer service inquiries. Include features like sending tracking information with order confirmations, proactively communicating where an order is in the fulfilment process, sending delivery delay notifications (if any) and adding a list of frequently asked questions on your website. 

Alternatively, offer customers the flexibility to customise their deliveries to their residential addresses with more convenient options, such as FedEx Delivery Manager to plan deliveries and to request changes to their delivery date. Leverage other digital tools like the FedEx Picture Proof of Delivery (PPOD) that provides reassurance that packages have been delivered to the recipient’s doorstep.

  • Streamline Packaging: Invest in efficient and recyclable packaging material which not only protects products, but also minimizes shipping costs. Sturdy yet lightweight materials can help prevent damage during transit while keeping shipping expenses in check.

  • Streamline Mother’s Day shipping: Consolidating customers’ orders saves time and money. Offering a product or shipping discount to encourage order consolidation allows customers to receive their shipments, such as flowers and chocolates at the same time. Depending on the volume of consolidation achieved, significant reductions in fulfilment efforts and shipping costs is possible. Another way to streamline operations includes simplifying the routine with regularly scheduled pickups. Arrange for recurring pickups to avoid the need to schedule individual pickups or drop off packages.

  • Enhance the Gifting Experience: Offer optional gift-wrapping services and personalised touches like gift messages or custom wrapping, which make recipients feel cherished and valued.

  • Prepare to pivot: SMEs should be prepared for unexpected circumstances that may affect shipping services and delay deliveries. To ease customers worrying about their gifts not arriving on time for the special day, it is crucial to keep them updated with service alerts about events that could impact shipping times. Subsequently, working with suppliers and customers on solutions ensures customers receive their shipments at a designated date and time.

By incorporating these shipping tips into your Mother’s Day preparations, Australian SMEs can help ensure a smooth and memorable experience for both their business and customers. With careful planning, efficient execution, and the support of reliable shipping partners like FedEx, small business owners can deliver joy and appreciation to mothers everywhere.

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