“Trust is Broken’ – How Big Girls will Restore Trust Following Acquisition

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It's a new era for Aussie lingerie retailer, Big Girls Don't Cry Anymore (Big Girls). The retailer has been acquired by Curvy, following its collapse late last year, and is working to fix broken trust issues with consumers.

Curvy has purchased the Big Girls brand and digital assets, with the ‘determination’ to regain customer trust amid the collapse in 2020. The retailer folded last year, owing creditors a large sum of money, and further owes customers that bought products dating back to the middle of 2020.

The new owner of Big Girls, Wesley Blundy, Founder and CEO of Curvey, plans to distribute the products to customers, or issue refunds after customers were left ‘high and dry’.

“We understand that people are still chasing products and refunds from the previous business, and we will do everything we can to support these customers,” said Blundy.

via Big Girls' Facebook

Customers were left high and dry following the retailer’s collapse | via Facebook

Blundy confirmed that he would aim to improve customers’ overall satisfaction by seeking refunds through credit card providers, PayPal and BNPL providers.

Furthermore, Blundy explained that the retailer would offer discounts on future purchases to help regain trust with consumers.

“The whole situation is incredibly unfortunate and has left many in the Big Girls’ loyal customer base in a disappointing situation. While the responsibility for this rests with the previous owner, we want to step up as proud Australian business owners and help impacted customers where possible. Sadly and understandably, their trust has been broken, and we want to do what we can to restore it,” Blundy explained.

via Big Girls

It’s a new era for Big Girls, which was recently acquired by Curvy amid its collapse in late 2020 | via Big Girls

The business has ‘worked quickly’ to absorb the elements of Big Girls offerings into the Curvy business’s logistics. This is a ‘new era’ for Big Girls, the owner of Curvy explained.

“We are entering this new era for Big Girls with commitment, purpose and compassion. Our aim is to regain trust and rebuild the brand. We feel deeply for the customers who have been impacted negatively by the closure of the previous business, so we are ready to take on feedback and shift Big Girls on a positive trajectory – reinstating the brand to its former glory,” he said.

To restore the brand image of the fallen retailer, Blundy and his team will focus on transparency and inform customers prior to purchase of any stock shortages and delivering ‘exceptional’ service at ‘all stages of the shopping experience’.

The Big Girls online platform has been rebuilt and is ready for an immediate relaunch, Blundy said. “The site is more interactive and easy-to-navigate than ever before, and we think Big Girls’ customers will love it,” he explained.

Both Curvy and Big Girls experienced ‘explosive’ online growth in the last 12 months, noting that female shoppers search for choice, service and a personalised approach.

Its virtual fitting won’t be going anywhere, either, Blundy promised. “Big Girls’ virtual fittings were, without doubt, unmatched in the online lingerie space, so this service is not going anywhere. We have actually expanded the free service even further to reach more women at times of the day that suit them best,” he said.

“Some mass retailers, due to their large size and the limitations of their business model, have not been able to cater to these women at an individual level,” Blundy said. “By contrast, we have the agility and ability to listen to our customers, learn and respond quickly. This is something we are very proud of and will continue to harness and augment moving forward.”

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