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Twitter has made further changes reducing the functionality of the site including viewing limits and requiring an account to even view the site.

The new restrictions, announced in a tweet by owner Elon Musk introduce a limit on how many tweets users can view. Verified accounts, who pay a Twitter Blue subscription fee, will have a ‘read limit’ of 10,000 posts a day and unverified users can only read 1,000 posts a day, with new unverified accounts limited to just 500 a day, an amendment made just hours after an original announcement with unverified accounts initially limited to 600 posts a day, verified 6,000, and new unverified accounts just 300.

According to the enigmatic company owner, the move was made to address extreme levels of data scraping and system manipulation but many users think this is a move to encourage Twitter Blue sign ups. Musk has previously criticised AI firms for using Twitter data to train their language models.

Last week, the site also implemented a new feature that requires an account to view anything on Twitter to further restrict data access.

In April, Twitter pulled ad services for unverified accounts, with a new policy requiring accounts subscribe to either Twitter Blue or Verified Organizations to continue to run ads on the site. which grants users a blue verified checkmark, whereas Verified Organisations costs $1000 USD per month for a gold check mark badge with the stipulation that prices vary by region and are subject to change.

These increasing restrictions have resulted in many advertisers pulling out of Twitter. This week, Meta launches Threads, a text-based app that is touted to rival Twitter. With users fleeing from Twitter in droves, the release comes at an opportune time.

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