User Experience: What do shoppers actually want?

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74% of shoppers say clear product images are what is most important to them when shopping online, according to the latest consumer survey.

Each fortnight, Power Retail surveys over 1,000 online shoppers to find out how consumer behaviour is changing. The latest insights reveal exactly what’s important to shoppers when its comes to user experience, what leads to a purchase, and what results in an abandoned cart.

The findings show that clear product images are vital, with almost three quarters of shoppers (74%) ranking this as what is most important to them when shopping online. Detailed product descriptions and easy navigation come in equal second place when it comes to UX (with 68% rating each 5 out of 5 for importance). Mobile experience also ranks highly as part of the overall UX. Less important? The FAQ page, Live Chat and One-Page Checkout.

Source: Power Retail Switched On Trajectory Report #54

On the flip side, what leads to cart abandonment? Not having enough information (images and / or product descriptions) is the leading cause of cart abandonment from a user experience perspective. If you’re a retailer without a focus on product imagery and product descriptions, it’s clear that’s having an impact on conversion.

Also impacting cart abandonment? Preferred payment method not being available is in second place and inventory issues (stock not actually being available at check out) comes in third spot. Unclear delivery timeframes are in a very close fourth place.

We also asked consumer whether personalisation is effective. Do those ‘You may also like…’ suggestion work? 35% say they have made a purchase in the last six months because the website suggested a product they may like in this manner. That’s not a bad upsell, and something all retailers can implement.

While product suggestions are helpful for shoppers and may lead to an ‘add to cart’, websites which tell shoppers what other consumers are purchasing in real-time is kind of annoying, actually. Over a third (39%) say they’ve noticed them, and they’re actually discouraged from purchasing, and only a minority of 4% say it encourages purchase behaviour. If this is part of your strategy, you’re more likely to be discouraging than encouraging a purchase.

We also asked shoppers about which website features are most (and least) used to find out exactly which elements of user experience retailers should focus on.

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