Vietnam Tech Talent: An Untapped Oasis of E-Commerce Growth Potential

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Adrian Wakeham of SmartOSC talks about growth in Vietnam's growth as an IT hub and the opportunity for Australian e-commerce merchants.

The idea of relinquishing any creative control or business direction might at first seem crazy to some entrepreneurs. Previously it seemed like a foreign concept – pun intended – to allow complete access and influence from a company operating overseas, but Vietnam continues to prove itself in all areas of information technology, and the opportunity for e-commerce merchants hoping to scale up can’t be ignored.

“Would we be better off outsourcing key eCommerce functions or keeping it all in-house? This moment of truth faces most businesses.” [scalefast, 2018]

Trusted e-commerce agencies are capable of correctly advising clients via hands-on assistance or consultancy all the way from concept through to launch and ongoing managed services. The most notable pioneers of this model have emerged from Vietnam.

Vietnam’s Emerging Potential

The hustle toward modernisation is evident in all major Vietnamese cities, with massive developments often in juxtaposition to the more traditional way of life. Seeing an elderly woman carrying fruit for sale while simultaneously chatting on her iPhone may seem incongruous at first – but is a testament to the future of the technology industry.

In the last decade, thanks to a talented, tech-savvy and young population, Vietnam has emerged as one of the most popular locations for IT outsourcing. The emphasis on educating young professionals in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics has produced, surprisingly to some, a community of knowledgeable and motivated technology specialists:

“… some Western business leaders expect rigidness from Vietnamese outsourcing providers. Sometimes it’s assumed based on what they think operations must be like in a socialist republic with a history of Communist political influence. Sometimes it’s a lack of insight into the Vietnamese culture. What they find inside Vietnam, however, is a highly adaptive approach to work and tech.” [Frazetto, 2018]

Vietnamese agencies like SmartOSC pride themselves on contributing to this growth. From an approximate 82,000 Vietnamese individuals working in software development, only the most qualified and experienced can deliver the best quality to clients and partners.

Emphasising Agility

Allocating the more esoteric responsibilities to an agency will give a merchant the time to focus fully on growing their brand and generating new ideas. Passion comes from what you love to do, and passionate entrepreneurs should always be excited about the opportunity of expanding or improving their business.

Allowing an agency to take over the backend development and support promotes a more agile model. This ensures that projects can be completed more timely and also affords the client the opportunity to focus on all other necessary business functions.

Opportunity and Real Cost Savings

There are a number of ways that e-tailers can save money by utilising the services that SmartOSC offers including cost-saving and flexibility. When working with an agency, the business owner is able to scale up or down the level of service as it suits the needs of the company at any given time. This prevents the need to hire a permanent staff who rely on consistent payroll regardless of the scope of work at the time. Merchants can also use agency services temporarily or on and ongoing basis, for highly specific or comprehensive services, and have the freedom to personally identify and request what they need the agency to do.

The Value of Diversified Experience

The nuances of culture and perspective towards web design and shopper behaviour are a literal user experience and marketing minefield that must be navigated by any e-tailer looking to successfully sell cross-border.

Not all e-commerce agencies offer this breadth and depth of international experience, which means less exposure to different marketing strategies and a front row seat to what works in each geographic market.

This insight can prove invaluable when a business is intending to expand beyond domestic borders. Take a read through some of SmartOSC’s success stories working with multinational brands. These highlight some of the local knowledge and experience necessary to successfully implement an international commerce marketing strategy

Out of the 100 top Australian retailers on the Power Retail list, an increasing number of them have already partnered with trusted SEA agencies, especially in Vietnam. Choosing the right trusted partner with capable tech abilities and an agile working model can help you grow your business based on what’s important to you. The credibility and skills offered by these agencies can apply no matter the scale.

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