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As part of its revitalised e-commerce strategy, Walmart has unveiled its latest augmented reality feature – 3D virtual shopping.

Walmart has officially started testing its 3D Virtual Shopping Tour website feature, where the business says it can showcase nearly 70 items from both national brands and its private label listings in a 3D apartment setting.

e-commerce shopping features

Walmart’s new 3D Virtual Shopping Tour feature.

“As they virtually explore the apartment, customers simply click on different products in each room to get more information,” the company wrote in a post on its website.

The technology is similar to what a number of custom builders and real estate agents use when advertising designer homes, as users can easily navigate around a 3D apartment, looking at how specific products look when displayed in a real-life apartment setting.

Consumers are also able to click on yellow dots that offer product descriptions and invite shoppers to purchase the displayed item directly from Walmart’s online store.

Walmart 3D Virtual Shopping

Consumers can purchase goods directly from the 3D experience.

According to Walmart, the department store retailer will also be releasing its ‘Buy the Room’ shopping function this month, which the business claims will be “a completely new way for customers to buy an entire look quickly and easily”.

The ‘Buy the Room’ digital shopping experience is reportedly being implemented to accommodate the large number of customers that purchase certain items together, predominantly in the summer months when younger consumers are furnishing their dorm rooms and apartments.

The retailer says this new functionality will allow shoppers to add a group of items to their car to “buy a complete look”. Initially, this will be limited to five curated looks, which will showcase 20 of the most “sought-after” items that are frequently purchased by college students.

The new ‘home’ shopping features will initially be designed for consumers furnishing and decorating a small space, but Walmart says it is looking to “determine how to implement them more broadly on the site”.

The 3D Virtual Shopping Tour and Buy the Room AR experiences will be offered in addition to Walmart’s ‘New Home Experience’ feature, which was launched back in February. The New Home Experience features curated product collections that have been selected by in-house stylists based on current home trends. Included in the experience are editorial-style images, design tips, and nine ‘”shop-by-style” options, including everything from modern to bohemian or farmhouse.

According to Walmart, 3D Virtual Shopping and Buy the Room are natural extensions of the New Home Experience feature, with the business expecting to replicate the positive results it generated with the launch of its first e-commerce home shopping experience in February.

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