Walmart Ditches Google’s Shopping Platform

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By Published On: January 29, 20190 Comments

The creation of Google Shopping and its related delivery service was set to rival the likes of Amazon. But large-scale multinational retailer, Walmart has reportedly withdrawn from the platform.

Google has been ramping up its e-commerce features in a bid to compete with Amazon, as the Bezos-founded company moves in on the online advertising space.

Less than a year since Google unveiled its Shopping Actions feature, however, the platform has taken a hit with Walmart reportedly removing its products from the advertising/shopping service. The cross-channel business has also dropped out of Google Express, a delivery service that’s operated by the Silicon-Valley tech firm.

According to Walmart representatives, the decision to remove its products from Google’s shopping network isn’t an indication of the two businesses parting ways.

“Walmart and Google remain committed to our strategic partnership,” a Walmart spokesperson said. A Google representative has also told the media that the business partners with retail brands in “many different ways” to help users discover their products.

Google’s shopping network still encompasses a number of high profile US brands, including Nike, Best Buy and Sephora. While no specific details have been given regarding Walmart’s decision to stop selling via Google, it’s believed it’s rendered the service unnecessary as it continues to expand its own digital capabilities.

Walmart is arguably one of Amazon’s biggest local competitors, outside of eBay. Holding approximately four percent of America’s digital retail spend, the business is still a long way from catching up to Amazon, but was a valuable ally for Google, who is also competing with the online giant.

Walmart’s e-commerce expansion has included a number of digital brand acquisitions, investments in tech staff and omnichannel shopping technology that aims to enhance its in-store experience, while also boosting online sales.

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