What Can We Learn From the Last Quarter?

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In the retail industry, a lot can happen in three months. Power Retail has curated some of the hottest subjects that have featured on the site, as well as some of the best insights and data from the last quarter.

Delivery, sustainability and returns are some of the biggest topics that have hit the scene, as well as many others. Together, we’ll take a look at some of the most significant stories that we’ve come across, as well as what’s in store for the next quarter. You can find the full Q4 report in the Power Retail Quarterly Review – an insightful and curated collection of the data, insights and commentary of the last three months.

What’s on Our Radar?

This quarter, we’ve seen varying topics making waves in the e-commerce sector. Free returns are an ongoing issue facing retailers. While their overwhelming popularity puts free returns as a highly sought after strategy but for many, the prohibitive costs make them unrealistic. So, where will this lead? Will we see an Amazon-esque delivery timeframe becoming the norm in Australia, or is this all pie in the sky territory?

Take a look at a collection of the most popular topics and search terms we’ve curated from the Power Retail:

Throughout the Quarterly Review, we discuss not only the hottest topics, but we also provide an up-to-date list of the Top 100 Retailers and an in-depth shopper trends analysis. This analysis provides detail about how Aussie shopper behaviour has changed since 2018.

If you’re keen for more, the Quarterly Review also provides more than fifteen spreads from our insightful shopper Profile Reports – this is an exclusive and important factor for all retailers to consider reding if they wish to understand their target audience to the greatest depth.

This review is too good to miss out on, so be sure to grab a copy and reflect on the biggest, best and worst things that happened in the e-commerce industry from the previous quarter. To find further facts about fast fashion shoppers, check out the latest Quarterly Review by Power Retail, where you can find 50+ pages of content, insights and stats about online shoppers, their attitudes and behaviour from the last quarter. Each Quarterly Review addresses a key e-commerce trend, biggest stories and ongoing issues, and provides a huge selection of important insights, taken from more than 20,000 interviews with online shoppers in the last six months, exclusive to Power Retail.

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