What Does the Average Fast Fashion Shopper Look Like?

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What does the average fast fashion shopper look like? According to the latest Shopper Profile research by Power Retail, women aged under 35 are the biggest target audience for the clothing craze that's shaping the world of online retail. 

Fast fashion is one of the biggest categories  in the retail game. According to the latest Shopper Profile report from Power Retail, fast fashion shoppers are defined as women under the age of 35.

Fast fashion is one of the fastest growing categories in the online retail sector, with 63 per cent of shoppers choosing to make a purchase as part of a sales event. There has been a lot of talk about fast fashion and its affect on the environment in recent months, but this hasn’t stopped the influx of purchases made every day online. From small retailers to large marketplaces, there is a never ending supply of hot-off-the-runway choices for people to choose from. The findings of the report shows that 49 per cent of apparel purchases were made by omnichannel retailers, who also have brick-and-mortar stores, as well as an online platform.

On average, the number of items that sit in a customer’s basket at the time of purchase is 2.8. The average item on a fast fashion website costs around $35 – $40, making the average basket size under $150. In contrast, according to the Power Retail report, 48 per cent of shoppers abandon their shopping carts before they check out.

So, what does this mean for retailers? There has been a lot of talk about introducing a ‘fast fashion tax’, but as the members of the UK Parliament rejected the proposition of this tax, it seems that fast fashion is here to stay. “It’s out of step,” explained the Mary Creagh, UK Environmental Audit Committee Chair and Labour MP. “[The public] are shocked by the fact that we are sending 300,000 tonnes of clothes a year to incineration or landfill.”

There has been a massive ‘race to the bottom’ for retailers, who are often in competition with others to discount items as far as possible without losing profit. In the UK, fast fashion giant, Boohoo, hit a profit record of $107 million, and famously holds sales events for a large period of time throughout the year. According to the Shopper Profile report, 63 per cent of shoppers prefer to purchase items at a discounted price, whereas only 37 per cent enjoy both discounted price tags and promotional events.

To find further facts about fast fashion shoppers, check out the latest Shopper Profile Report by Power Retail, where you can find 70 in-depth graphs and stats about online shoppers, their attitudes and behaviour. Each Shopper Profile Report addresses a key e-commerce target market, and provides a huge selection of important insights, taken from more than 20,000 interviews with online shoppers in the last six months, exclusive to Power Retail.

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