What on Earth is a “Swaggle?”

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Swaggle is the newest entry into the online pet story category, boasting a special "petsonalisation" feature.

“We live to help every pet find their Swaggle!” claims a mysterious new pet store’s website adorned with cheerful household pets, their food, accessories and some very enticing deals. Swaggle, it says, is the online pet store for happy, healthy pets. What exactly is a “swaggle”? The company explains: “Swaggle is defined as the exact moment your pet displays happiness through joyful movement.

“You’ll see it when your pet has the freedom to express who they are. A Swaggle happens when they are at their healthiest and happiest, when they have all they need to live life to the fullest.”

Swaggle aims to achieve just this through its offerings. Owned by Coles Group, the ecommerce store features 100 categories of products from over 190 brands, including Royal Canin, Advance, Ivory Coat, Black Hawk, Nexguard Spectra, Lifewise and Hill’s Science Diet, catering to dogs, cats, birds, small pets like rabbits and guinea pigs, and fish. 

The company has developed a unique online shopping experience with their ‘petsonalisation’ offering. Built on data about hundreds of dog and cat breeds, the petsonalisation feature allows pet parents to cut through all the noise and easily find and understand the most relevant products for their pet. 

“We are so excited to launch Swaggle to the market to provide pet parents with an end-to-end pet personalisation experience,” said Chad Burke, Head of Swaggle. “We know our pets have different needs throughout the various stages of life, and our goal is to support pet parents in pre-empting their needs with a speciality range of great value pet products.” 

The company hard-launched this week, marking the occasion by appropriately burying a gigantic bone adorned with the Swaggle branding at Rose Bay Beach in Sydney. Dogs and owners alike dug up and uncovered not only the prehistoric sized bone but also a range of Swaggle products and treats to celebrate the launch. 

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