Why Internal UX Matters: WorkJam

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The age-old quote says that it's what's inside that counts. But cliches aside, engaging consumers is directly related to your internal user experience.

Retailers spend an incalculable amount of time trying to optimise the user experience. But what is often overlooked is the user experience within a workplace. It almost goes without saying that if the internal UX is compromised, this will translate to the end UX experienced by the consumer.

WorkJam is a platform that attempts to bring your workforce together through agile scheduling, transformative communication, experiential learning and tailored recognition seamlessly through a single user experience.

Agility, continuous learning and fast adoption of tech are some of the most important elements of succeeding in the current retail landscape. “Co-founded by Steve Kramer, Josh Ostrega and Mark Sadegursky, the digital workplace opportunity was identified in using the mobile digital platform to communicate to front line employees that work predominately in retail and distribution (however any business that has a workforce or employee base that is not in one location) and can communicate directly with front line employees via their mobile across the globe,” says Andrew Myers, VP APAC and Global Digital Workplace Strategy, WorkJam.

Myers explains that the role of tech such as WorkJam helps to assist in larger scale online distribution centres that have a casual or semi – permanent roster by improving communication, training and shift or roster management via Open Shift Marketplace.

As a company based in the US with an international presence, WorkJam is able to ahead of the trends and bring a global perspective to its integration. What does Myers see as trends emerging across the globe? “Employers engaging with their employees via a digital workplace – delivering training, communication, surveys etc and removing any paper based communication,” he tells us. “Also a focus on removing multiple communication methods such as paper, email, SMS, phone calls, WhatsApp, Yammer, portals, sharepoints, the list goes on!”

What’s next on the horizon for WorkJam? Including secure encrypted Chat and also a Document repository for employees to receive payslips, contracts and more.

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