Why Now is the Time for Digital Transformation

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As one of the leading e-commerce platforms on the entire planet, Alibaba has set a standard for other e-tailers within the industry. Retail Global's Alibaba Digital Day aims to take one of the world's largest players and showcase the tools needed to grow your business with the platform. 

Breaking into the Chinese and South-East Asian consumer markets is one of the toughest tasks within the industry, and without the right tools and advice, it can be detrimental to a business and its growth.

Alibaba Digital Day, hosted by Retail Global, will offer tips, tricks and insights into cross-border trade, digital transformation, and sourcing suppliers for e-tailers wishing to join the global leader.

Furthermore, the event will also showcase how to target Alipay users, how to select the right Alibaba Cloud service for specific businesses and understand the COVID-19 trends and implications.

via Retail Global

via Retail Global

Taking place on October 22nd, e-commerce and business professionals will be joined by the likes of Maggie Zhou, the Managing Director of Alibaba Group ANZ and John O’Loghlen, the Director of Alipay ANZ.

“I am unbelievably excited to see Maggie Zhou, Alibaba Group MD ANZ, presenting on the important time for digital transformation,” said Luke Rowohlt, the GM of Retail Global.

“Maggie is an inspiration to many, and I know her discussion on how retailers can rethink their business strategies based on the past 12 months and looking forward to another big six months of holiday spending. On top of this hearing from the likes of Mecca and Staxx how they found success in the APAC market is genuinely exciting content.”

Understandably, e-commerce has sparked into a frenzy in the last eight months, due to the outbreak of the pandemic. As such, there is no better time to invest in a robust digital strategy to help bolster further digital growth in such uncertain times.

The Alibaba Digital Day will also present tips for building strong relationships between sellers, growing a footprint in China and South-East Asia, as well as thy now is the most important time for a digital transformation.

“Twenty-twenty provides an unprecedented opportunity for sellers and brands to get into the APAC market as the digital transformation of retail has been at the forefront of all news,” said Ashley Hudson, the CCO of Retail Global.

“With a major holiday season coming up including singles day, black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Boxing day to name a few before we head to 1/1 again this day will provide vital hacks on how to crack the APAC market wide open to continue the theme of Agility and Growth.”

Alibaba Digital Day will run on October 22nd from 9:20 AM, with an action-packed day filled with insights, invaluable data and tips for e0-commerce success in Asia.

You can find out more about Alibaba Digital Day and register for free here.

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