Why Website Excellence is Key for Digital Evolution

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Is your company using its website to its fullest potential? Veteran digital strategist, Greg Randall, provides deep insights into supercharging a company's overall website in four reports.

It’s no surprise that creating a well-oiled and optimised website should be one of the highest priorities for any online retailer, but how can a company be sure it’s being done correctly and effectively?

In four handbooks by veteran digital strategist, Greg Randall, the Website Excellence Series dives deep into supercharging a website’s capabilities and driving ROI through improved site performance.

The Home Page Best Practice guide offers 99 pages of deep insights into the best practice rules for a company’s home page. It’s not as simple as it seems, and there plenty of ways that a brand can expand customer reach, improve legibility and optimise the homepage for mobile screens. “While retailers become focussed on only designing forward steps, this is not real life. Consumers typically undertake a high volume of back steps. Back steps are never part of the plan and occur when consumers are confronted with content that is not relevant or not what they expected,” Randall explained.

In this current retail environment, it’s now a more crucial time than ever for online retailers to meet guidelines and maximise its ROI. This guide teaches e-commerce professionals the best practices for digital channels and how it expedites the retailer’s digital evolution.

“The retailer who follows the guidance in this book series will be ahead of 99 per cent of the retailers globally.  This is because the foundation of all recommendations have come from research and science behind how consumers want to engage with every page element and page layout analysed in these four books,” explained Randall.

As one of the most crucial elements of consumer engagement, the Main Category Page guide delivers the relevant content for the consumer’s buying intent and is imperative that it looks right from the get-go. This part of the series explains how to construct a well-planned, detailed and easy-to-consume category page for both desktop and mobile. “If the consumer’s eye is unable to easily absorb the visual content intended on calling out the sub-categories, they will naturally revert to what is easier to understand,” explained Randall.

Much like the Main Categories, Sub-Category Pages are where consumers have the first chance to see clusters of products ‘representing some sort of alignment to their buying intent’. This is also where the retailer’s merchandising strategy starts, so it can be considered as one of the most important pages to optimise and construct perfectly. This guide delves deep into the pivotal structure and organisation of the sub-category pages, with detailed practices to help customers engage further with the retailer’s offers.

“One of the more powerful parts of the research was the analysis of page layouts of the largest retailers in the world for over a five-year period.  This analysis proved when consumer research verifies a successful treatment to certain parts of e-commerce pages, these retailers made the changes. This is best practice. This tells us, the driving force behind your digital evolution begins with setting the best practice foundation,” Randall explained. “This four-book series defines precisely what that needs to look like for your digital channel. Though the best practice treatment of your digital/e-commerce channel will be influenced by business strategy and customer data, best practice is the glue which binds everything together.”

The fourth and final guide of the Website Excellence Series discusses the importance of detailed Product Pages. With in-depth insights into the do’s and don’t’s of product detail pages, this is a must-read handbook for any online retailer. From cart abandonment to loyal customers, this final guide ties all of the Website Excellence Series together and can make any retailer ready to tackle the online retail sphere with knowledge and confidence.

Greg Randall’s final guide, Product Detail Best Practice is available for purchase and download next week, exclusively on Power Retail. Get your hands on the full Website Excellence Series for deep and meaningful insights on the importance of a well-oiled website.

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