Wix Acquires Modalyst to Expand its E-Com Capabilities

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By Published On: June 29, 20210 Comments

In an effort to extend its e-commerce offering, the website builder Wix is acquiring dropshipping platform, Modalyst.

With marketplaces gaining popularity, especially in the wake of its booming success after Amazon Prime Day, Wix believes that the growth will continue, alongside dropshipping.

This acquisition aims to expand its current offering for dropshipping,  as online shopping continues to increase. According to Wix data, Wix Stores that add dropshipping products saw the AOV increase by 40 percent, and sales revenue rose by 79 percent within the first four months.

Modalyst was founded in 2012 and is one of the most popularly-sed dropshipping plug0ins on the Wix platform. Since 2020, the company has been an integral part of the Wix Capital portfolio. “Dropshipping marketplaces have been a game-changer for both suppliers and retailers and is evident in the success of the existing partnership between Wix and Modalyst through the Wix App Market,” said a spokesperson for the company.

“We’re proud to welcome Modalyst to expand the infrastructure of Wix e-commerce,” explained Arik Perez, Head of E-Commerce at Wix. “Connecting merchants directly to a full supplier hub allows them to expand their own product offering and helps new businesses establish themselves by connecting with vetted suppliers with access to private labels and dropshipping. This offers merchants a convenient way to sell a large variety of products, test new and trending markets and ultimately expand their reach. Merchants can significantly scale their businesses and in providing them with a native solution, we can help them continue to maximize their store footprint, all in one place from the Wix platform.”

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