Woolworths Calls out Bunnings, Chemist Warehouse, and Amazon

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Woolworths wants all major retailers operating in Australia to be held to the same standards as it is.

Woolworths has responded to the Food and Grocery Code of Conduct Review Interim Report, released earlier this week. The report includes recommendations that the Code be made mandatory, with the addition of penalties of $10 million or more for serious Code breaches.

The proposed changes would apply to all supermarkets with annual revenues exceeding $5 billion, and would enable the ACCC to be able to seek penalties for major or systemic breaches of up to $10 million, 10 percent of a supermarket’s annual turnover, or three times the benefit it gained from the breach, whichever is the greatest.

On Monday, Woolworths released a statement in support of the mandatory Code, however, the supermarket chain argued that all major retailers operating in Australia should be subject to the same guidelines. 

“The Code should apply to all major retailers operating in Australia, including global retail giants such as Amazon and Costco, who have global revenues many times the size of Australian supermarkets, as well as to large Australian retailers such as Bunnings and Chemist Warehouse who also compete in grocery categories including everyday needs such as household products (eg cleaning), and personal care,” stated Woolworths.

Bunnings have bitten back at Woolworths with the hardware giant arguing that the diversity of its industry means it should not fall under this code.

“The characteristics of the industry sector that Bunnings is a part of is both diverse and structurally different to many other sectors including pharmacy, supermarket and others,” a Bunnings spokesperson said.

“Because of this diversity, it would make the application of such a code quite difficult to apply, particularly given our commercial offer and exposure to the building and construction industry.”

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    How is Woolworths addressing competition from Bunnings, Chemist Warehouse, and Amazon, and what strategies are they employing? Regard Telkom University

  2. Telkom University April 27, 2024 at 4:12 PM - Reply

    What prompted Woolworths to call out Bunnings, Chemist Warehouse, and Amazon, and what implications does this have for consumers? Regard Telkom University

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