WorkJam Talks Workplace Strategy and Digital Optimisation

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We sat down with Andrew Myers VP APAC & Digital Workplace Strategy, WorkJam, to discuss what a digitally optimised workforce means in today's competitive environment.

Workplace strategy: What does this mean in today’s landscape? How should companies be focusing on internal strategy and where are businesses getting it wrong?

Many businesses focus on investing on the customer experience either through digital marketing, online experience or store fit-outs, however many lack the investment in their frontline employees – especially in creating a digital workplace. Most businesses still rely on an intranet based system for training, however the employee population is mobile, digitally savvy and wants a digital relationship with their employer. Asking employees to undertake training via the few computers in a store or site, remaining paper based and not being able to ensure compliance is where companies should be investing to become a truly digital workplace

What are the benefits or streamlining and optimising your workforce?

Creating a fluid workforce and an environment where employees can select their availability, pick available shifts, request time of all via their mobile device creates an employer of choice value proposition. Introducing an open shift marketplace helps reduce turnover, allowing employees to increase hours and earn more, all the while improving employee engagement and retention.

How can companies better engage their workforce?

By providing a digital workplace where employees can access the schedules, receive documents, communicate with their managers and other employees, request time off, undertake training and surveys and provide feedback to their employer all via their mobile device is a future proof way to improve the engagement of the workforce.

How can experiential learning assist businesses?

We are seeing digitally engaged businesses focus on micro-learning, bite size video content, knowledge based learnings being shared with employees rather than longer intranet e-learning modules. How people consume digital information has changed and employers need to keep pace with the societal expectations.

How can online retailers find their edge by empowering their workforce to essentially become brand ambassadors? What is the role of customer service in today’s highly competitive environment?

By providing employees with casual information on the business, increasing product knowledge, marketing and activity across the business via their mobile device, the employees will be empowered to become brand ambassadors.  

Having employees more knowledgeable about the business, the products, the marketing promotions, the business, employees are more confident to communicate with customers. This in itself supports driving an improved customer experience and helps drive sales and profit.

 What are your top tips for optimising your workforce and increasing productivity?

Creating an open and transparent business, creating easily accessible information, easy to complete training micro-learnings, enabling compliance training to be undertaken easily and being auditable are all ways to improve productivity within the workplace and workforce.

What results do WorkJam users see?

We have customers that have completed significantly more training of employees, businesses that have improved operational executions, improved marketing implementations, increased sales, increased engagement survey results and reduced costs in areas such as training, recruitment, printing. Businesses have also seen increased productivity and utilisation of their workforce – reducing costs while improving employee engagement. Being a truly digital workplace will reduce costs and increase productivity all the while having more engaged employees.

What opportunities are companies missing out on by not by not having a fully optimised and engaged workforce?

They will become uncompetitive. With higher employee turnover, lower productivity, and increased cost base, this will place pressure on the overall business model. Competitors are investing more in employees and are becoming digitally workplace focused.

Andrew Myers is VP APAC & Digital Workplace Strategy, WorkJam

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