Zara, Cotton On and ASOS Among Most Popular Aussie Men’s Brands

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Trends data provider, SEMrush has analysed online store traffic and Google search data for Aussie men, uncovering the most popular retailers for men’s fashion.

According to SEMrush, Australian men have a soft spot for The ICONIC, ASOS and Uniqlo, as well as Zara, Urban Outfitters and Cotton On, when it comes to shopping for clothes.

The online data provider has found that men most commonly search for The ICONIC when looking to purchase clothing and accessories, followed closely by ASOS and Uniqlo.

In the study that was shared exclusively with Power Retail, SEMrush found that Zara is the most popular men’s fashion site on a global scale, which seems to have rippled into the Australian market with “Zara Man” reportedly being the most searched keyword down under. This isn’t surprising given the impact Zara made on the local market when it first launched its Australian online store earlier in the year.

SEMrush data

Popular men’s fashion keywords in Australia. Credit: SEMrush

In May, SEMrush noted that in the lead up to Zara’s local launch, digital ad spend increased exponentially as retailers faced the threat of Zara’s online presence head-on.

At the time, ASOS reportedly increased its ad spend by 50 percent, Cotton On by 30 percent and The ICONIC by 90 percent. At the same time, SEMrush noted an 18,900 percent increase in ad spend in Australia by Zara itself.

Other fashion retailers that attract a lot of search traffic on a global scale include Macy’s, Nordstrom and H&M, with Adidas, Nike and Pandora all having a large digital footprint across the world.

According to Olga Andrienko, the global marketing director at SEMrush, the data company was surprised to see that H&M didn’t rank higher in Australia.

“H&M is the most popular fashion site in most countries, so it’s surprising that it’s not the case in Australia. Zara seems to have made a bigger impact in the local e-commerce market,” she says.

Olga Andrienko, marketing director at SEMrush.

She believes this difference in brand popularity can be attributed to Australians’ preference for shopping with local brands. Most of the Google searches for men’s fashion in Australia that were recorded by SEMrush indicate a higher level of interest in brands like Country Road and Cotton On.

These trends seem to correlate well with online sales growth in the Australian market, with Zara, Cotton On, and a number of other popular men’s fashion retailers reporting strong online revenue growth in the last 12-months.

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